About Between Pictures

Established in 2015 by owners David and Michael Garcia; Between Pictures is a film and virtual reality production company based in Manhattan, New York. We provide services in project development, production crew, post-production including 8K workflow, color grading, and virtual reality stitching. Between Pictures works with clients locally and nationally, providing equipment and services to clients including Jeep, New York Times, and Tiffany.

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David Garcia
Director, Producer

David has worked several years in the industry, and eventually started directing tv commercials for Walmart’s award winning “Take the Challenge” marketing campaign. After the campaign concluded, he decided to pursue his passion for directing and telling stories. His work has been seen on national and network channels including CBS, FOX, History, Spike and MTV.

Michael Garcia
Executive Producer, Writer

Michael is a former NCAA football player, and now a emergency physician by trade. Earlier in life, Michael watched Braveheart for the first time in the movie theater. When the film concluded he was stunned, and he didn’t leave his seat when the credits started rolling; that’s when he realized he wanted to write movies. He has been fascinated with the art of storytelling, and in particular how story has the power to irrevocably transform a person their entire life.

Michael is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner, voraciously reads screenplays, and is a stock market enthusiast. He lives with his wife Priya.

Chad Cooper

Chad is a digital cinema cameraman and technician based in NYC. Since an early age he has always had a camera in hand, an enthusiasm for pretty light, and a passion for creative collaboration. Some of the projects Chad has shot include commercials, branded content, and corporate content for “Dish Nation”, “Time Flies”, tourism spots for Haiti, and “For Real”, a web series with an all-star Broadway cast from Book of Mormon, Wicked, etc. Chad always approaches his work with a smile and an unforgettable laugh.


Dalton Price
Steadicam Operator

Dalton was introduced to film production and movie making at an early age, and was fascinated with how to move the camera. He learned about Steadicam, and enrolled in the week-long intensive training workshop run by Steadicam’s inventor Garrett Brown. After completing the class and continuing his studies with other steadicam operators, Dalton started traveling internationally, shooting multiple concerts and festivals featuring A$AP ROCKY, Trey Songs, and Miguel.

In addition to being a certified Steadicam Operator, Dalton has assisted teaching at Steadicam workshops worldwide. When not flying a rig, Dalton enjoys lacrosse, golf, rock climbing, and snowboarding.


Dave Willis Lorenz
Audio Engineer

When Dave was 19, he worked on a feature film in Los Angeles. After the movie wrapped, he returned home to Philadelphia to learn location sound mixing at Temple University. Since then, he has worked on a wide array of clients including Hulu, Nickelodeon, Intel, Gatorade, and Food Network.

A natural innovator, Dave is always looking for ways to surpass expectations and challenge himself. His interests lie in psychoacoustic techniques and recreating how sounds interact with the world around us. Dave would love to work on more science fiction pieces, and hopes to someday invent acoustical levitation.

Dave Willis Lorenz