Crazy Love – Featuring Chelsea Wolfe, HVNTERGVTHERER, & Sophi Reaptress | Fashion Film

Project Info

Client Chelsea Wolfe, HVNTERGVTHERER, Sophi Reaptress

Project Description

Crazy Love

A Fashion Film featuring designs HVNTERGVTHERER,
Sophi Reaptress, and music by Chelsea Wolfe

Crazy Love is a fashion film inspired by a recurring dream of a young woman who has mysteriously stumbled into a wake.  

This film is a collaboration with fashion designer Sophi Reaptress, jewelry maker HVNTERGVTHERER, and production company Between Pictures. Production was completed inside a rehabilitated chapel called The Convent, and the space also functions as an DIY artist commune. The music Crazy Love was provided by Chelsea Wolfe, and is from the album “ABYSS” on Sargent House Records. Shot on the Arri Alexa Mini and Phantom Gold using Cooke prime lenses.

Wardrobe by Sophi Reaptress


Music provided by
Chelsea Wolfe – Crazy Love
from the album “ABYSS”
on Sargent House Records


Produced, Directed, & Edited by David Garcia

Cinematography: Chad Cooper
Production Designer: Mason Harding
Set Design & Foley: Brad Omen
Key Costumer: Sophi Reaptress
MUA: Allison Gretsuk

Ghost: Melissa Semiao
Charon: Megan Acosta
Spectre: Emery Ruth

Gaffer: Will Dejessa
AC: Todd Rawsizer & Kate Montgomery
Key Grip: Katie Voss
Steadicam: Dalton Price
PA: Nick Billiris

Special Thanks: Phoenix
Jeremy Hush
The Convent Philly:

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