General Mess Hospital | A Comedy of Medical Errors | Trailer Preview

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Client Pieces of Mind LLC

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General Mess Hospital – Pilot Trailer

“A Comedy of Medical Errors”

This is a trailer for a pilot episode we shot and produced. See below for more information:

General Mess Hospital is a comedy series that is sometimes dark, occasionally hilarious, often irreverent, constantly cerebral, about a dysfunctional Neurology department in a hospital in NY, named after the local hero, General Messing. The department sees too many deaths, so far among patients only, and while the causes seem self evident—incompetent doctors and pharmaceutical drug studies with unsafe drugs—nobody is really sure how to fix the problem. Dr. Vip Van Buren, who is the acting chairman is concerned enough to be angry, but is thwarted when trying to do something concrete about it. His one attempt at firing an incompetent doctor, Dr. Alexander—who to his credit is funny— is rebuffed by his boss, Omar, who spits around when he speaks. Vip is also handcuffed because his wife, Eve, is a senior executive in a pharmaceutical company, and the board loves all the money that the drug studies bring in. The young medical staff adopts an arrogant attitude that allows them to make fun of just about any situation. It’s an ensemble piece, with many characters, who chime in at various times to sow disorder and frivolity, at the same time showing care and warmth.

The story is about the patients, the doctors, the nurses, as well as Vip’s family—his brother, a slip and fall lawyer, his niece, a condom salesperson— and what keeps them laughing and crying. There’s the sassy secretary, Rhonda, who greets arriving new doctors by grabbing them by the crotch. There’s Vip’s friend philosopher Milo, who falls in love with a non-English speaking girl from Panama. There’s the patient who speaks only in quotations, and it may be contagious. There’s the young attractive Russian opera singer Lana whom Vip used to date passionately at the peak of his midlife crisis. Lana has MS, though, and Vip is committed to saving her life with a brand new drug, while hiding her existence from his wife. His wife, Eve, is struggling in a male dominated organization and Vip wonders how far she goes in the pursuit of recognition and promotion.

‘General Mess Hospital’ is based partly on the book ‘ A Midlife Intermezzo’ (first part) written by Dr. Boas Gonen, a medical doctor.

Staring: Anthony Grasso
Written by: Boas Gonen
Directed by: David Garcia