THE GLOW: A Jack O’ Lantern Experience Commercial

The GLOW 2017

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Posted by Jack's Pumpkin Glow on Friday, 20 October 2017

Project Info

Client Townsquare Media, THE GLOW

Project Description

The Glow is a Halloween art event that happens each year in multiple cities, and features thousands of hand carved jack o’ lanterns in intricate sculptures. This commercial production was shot on location at the Philadelphia event during opening weekend and presented several challenges.

The client was concerned about exposure, so we opted to use the Sony A7s with a 35mm prime on the Ronin DJI for mobility and low light capability. We were filming between either at ISO 30,000 or 50,000, depending on how bright the highlights were in a particular shot. Although there was the option to add our own lighting, we opted against it in order to preserve the ambiance of the event.

The second challenge was contending with live crowds while working with our actors. We wanted to show a well attended event during specific shots, but the crowds became a hinderance by obstructing our view or photographing us with their flashing smartphones while inside the main event. We opted to wait for the crowds to thin out while filming additional scenes outside the main event. Toward production’s end, there were only a few individuals wandering the event, giving us more room to operate the camera while unimpeded.

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THE GLOW features an enchanting and unforgettable wonderland of more than 5,000 hand carved, illuminated pumpkins transformed into beautiful landscapes, iconic figures and larger than life jack o’ lantern structures. Stroll down Jack’s Lane with a fall beverage and marvel at the amazing details created by our talented artists! These glowing gourds are the perfect backdrop for a few fall photos too, so grab your camera and GLOW with us!

Visit THE GLOW in these cities: NASHVILLE, TN


What will you see at THE GLOW? Take a leisurely stroll through our GLOWING trail where you will see a pumpkin wonderland like no other. There will be intricately carved single jack o’ lanterns, many featuring your favorite celebrities, sports icons or even a few princesses! You will wander through Nature, where you will encounter pumpkin flowers, and nature’s smallest critters in pumpkin form! Go Under the Sea and marvel at the pumpkin sea-life but be on the lookout for our ghostly pirate ship! You won’t need to bundle up before encountering Winter Wonderland but you will feel the chills when you enter Jack Frost Lane.


Meet Jack’s master carvers who will be on hand to demonstrate their artistry, don’t be shy, ask for carving tips or put in a request! So, grab a seasonal snack with us and savor a beautiful fall night like you never have before. And don’t forget to bring your camera, our pumpkins and Jack love a good selfie! Come GLOW with us!


This fall wonderland will astound guests young and old as you walk through thousands of expertly-carved pumpkins. Take your time as you enjoy the intricately designed pieces throughout the trail, viewing different themes along the way. These glowing gourds are the perfect backdrop for a few fall photos, so grab the family and your camera and join us for THE GLOW.