GREATS | The Roster – Greg Bogin, Artist

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Project Description

This is the first of several videos shot for Greats Brand featuring upcoming artists and industry professionals. We filmed six interviews in one day, including b-roll coverage. All footage was shot on the Arri Alexa Mini in black and white. Still photography in the blog entry was shot by Charlie Wang.

Greg Bogin is a Brooklyn based artist, and we needed the video to show his creative process. After completing the interview, we had Greg draft a few sketches of art he was in the midst of completing. We moved Greg around the building while getting different types of coverage and just before our time with Greg expired, DP Sam Krebs had the idea to capture the mysterious semi-silhouette shot by the windows. This shot was the video’s capstone; it’s the defining visual encapsulating Greg’s work ethic showing us wherever he goes, his creative drive leads the way.

Text from the Youtube description:

In 2014, Greats disrupted the sneaker industry by going back to what built it. Since day one, we’ve paid homage to footwear’s “greats,” the timeless silhouettes that define the very core of the culture we love.

Featuring some of the world’s greatest luminaries in art, design, fashion, and more, this new series – titled “The Roster” – is but another homage to the greatness that defines our world.

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