GREATS | The Roster -Sharifa Murdock, Liberty Fairs

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This is the second video from the series we shot for Greats Brand highlighting upcoming artists and veteran industry professionals. We filmed six interviews in one day, including b-roll coverage. All footage was shot on the Arri Alexa Mini in black and white. Still photography in the blog entry was shot by Charlie Wang.

Sharifa Murdock is a co-founder of Liberty Fairs, founder of The Brooklyn Intern, and contributor to The Huffington Post. She was our first interview of the day, and unfortunately one of the briefest due to scheduling. Production began with still photography by Charlie Wang; during the still photography session we used this downtime to shoot behind the scenes b-roll and to also allow Sharifa to get warmed up before the interview. Sometimes before an interview it’s best to have the talent move, laugh, and casually chat before being placed in front of the video camera.

Once we wrapped the interview, we had to quickly record b-roll. Considering Sharifa’s affability and her wonderful style, we wanted the footage to project both confidence and panache. With this in mind, we focused on the details; the fabric of her outfit, accessories on her wrists, the direction of her collar, and breaking the fourth wall. As we wrapped the final take, both Sharifa and our client Greats were all smiles.

Text from Sharifa’s blog entry:

“For the second edition of The Roster, we sat down with Sharifa Murdock, fashion entrepreneur and co-founder of Liberty Fairs, whose disruptive approach to the business of fashion reshaped how the world’s coolest brands end up in the world’s coolest stores.”

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