GREATS | The Roster – Ben Watts, Professional Photographer

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This video is from the series we shot for Greats Brand highlighting upcoming artists and veteran industry professionals. We filmed six interviews in one day, including b-roll coverage. All footage was shot on the Arri Alexa Mini in black and white. Still photography in the blog entry was shot by Charlie Wang.

Ben Watts is a renowned fashion photographer with work featured in major publications and an impressive list of clients. His positive attitude, high energy, and bright smile was noticed by everyone on set.

Ben was a pleasure to work with, and willing to do whatever we needed for our shoot. To get some unique b-roll, set photographer Charlie Wang was willing to part with his Canon DSLR camera for a few minutes and let Ben take some still shots of the crew while we were filming.

From the video description:

We spoke to acclaimed photographer, Ben Watts, whose work has been published in fashion publications such as Vogue, Elle, & Vanity Fair about what makes him great, his work ethic, and how he became a photographer.