GREATS | The Roster – ZAK Downtown, Recording Artist

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This video is from the series we shot for Greats Brand highlighting upcoming artists and veteran industry professionals. We filmed six interviews in one day, including b-roll coverage. All footage was shot on the Arri Alexa Mini in black and white. Still photography in the blog entry was shot by Charlie Wang.

ZAK Downtown is a hip-hop artist making waves in the music industry. His single “Zones” has gone viral and he regularly performs to massive crowds. Zak was a real pleasure to interview; his honesty and insight into trial-by-fire and the perils of internet fame should be heard by more aspiring artists.

From the video description:

“For the fourth edition of The Roster, we sat down with ZAK Downtown, Recording Artist and Producer, who speaks about the struggle of creating art and how he stays in the zone. Check out Episode 4 above.”

Zak Downtown: