GuitarSim | Kickstarter Promo

Project Info

Client GuitarSim

Project Description

GuitarSim is an app and accessory for your Android or Iphone that transforms your smartphone into a digital mini-guitar. The client wanted a promotional video that shows the numerous features of the app and the versatility of the GuitarSim accessory in different environments.

This promo was shot in a single day. First we filmed before sunrise by the iconic Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia, then we shot in the subway to show the GuitarSim being assembled, and finally in an office location where we would show the app operating on an Android phone in ‘Lite Mode.’

This branding was shot on the Arri Alexa Mini in 4k. Audio was not recorded during production, but we dubbed audio of the GuitarSim being played. This audio was later inserted in the video to show how the different guitar types sound, and to accentuate certain performances. This video has been featured on the GuitarSim Indiegogo page and the GuitarSim Youtube channel.

From the GuitarSim Indiegogo page:

“We made GuitarSim to help you have fun making music with the device you carry in your pocket everyday: your phone. Turning your phone into a guitar is easy, just clip it in and connect via Bluetooth. Strum any of the six touch-sensitive electrodes and change notes with your phone screen to rock!”