Live Not on Evil – Switchblade Angels | Music Video

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Client Live Not on Evil

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Live Not on Evil
“Switchblade Angels”
When Everything Goes Down
Creep Records
Between Pictures

Live Not on Evil is a dark, guitar-heavy organization whose haunting yet melodic punk is often compared to everything from early Misfits, to Christian Death, and The Damned. The band played its first show at The Upstage in Philadelphia, PA on December 10th, 1999, since which time they’ve shared bills with underground greats like Foetus, Trance to the Sun, Penis Flytrap and the Dead Kennedys. The name “Live Not on Evil” is a palindrome, meaning that it can be read both left-to-right and in reverse.

Since the release of their 2001 debut CD, “Lucky Stiff,” the band has landed rave reviews throughout the underground press as well as radio and online airplay around the world. Founding members Rob Windfelder and John Begley continued performing and promoting the band through various lineup changes until arriving at the permanent additions of Norm Alger on guitar, Joey Patrone drums, and most recently Kevin Person on bass.

The band released a long-awaited follow-up CD, “Next Time Nail it Shut” through SINister Records in the Fall of 2004. Their new album “When Everything Goes Down” has been released on Creep Records in September 2013.

Deathrock fans will recognize Live Not on Evil from their performance at 2004’s and 2005’s annual “Drop Dead Festival” in NYC, alongside such artists as The Empire Hideous, Bella Morte and The Brides.

Special thanks Liberty Vintage Motorcycles for the use of their location, and Lamar Mcpherson of Mvision Films for operating second camera and dolly grip.