Mesum Abbas – Lanat Bar Dushmane Zahra | Music Video

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Client Mesum Abbas

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Directed and produced the music video “Lanat Bar Dushmane Zahra” with singer and reciter Mesum Abbas. Shot on location at the Imambargah Dar E Hussain mosque in New Jersey. This is the first noha in a series of two.

From the Youtube description:

لعنت بر دشمنِ زہرا
Lanat Bar Dushmane Zahra – Mesum Abbas 2020 | New Noha Bibi Fatima I have listed the lyrics below for reciting purposes and subtitles can be found in english by clicking CC. After Mesum Abbas Wasiyat e Zehra, this new noha on Bibi Zehra was inspired by Dua e Sanam e Quraish by Imam Ali (as) – find the merits in the following books: Mustadrak al Wasa’il, volume 4, p405, Hadith #5021, Bihar al Anwar, v82/85, p260, Hadith #5.