Warchyld – No Trouble

Project Info

Client Warchyld Ent LLC

Project Description

Music video featuring Warchyld performing his single “No Trouble.” Shot over the course of three days, two days on location at Darts of War in New Jersey, and one evening at legendary Philadelphia club The Barbary. The video was recorded on Canon & Sony DSLR cameras, and the Iphone 7.

For our art design, we were lucky to film at Darts of War which has two vehicles at our disposal; a military jeep and hummer. Although there were real weapons at our disposal, we utilized fake guns to eschew the visual cliche of a violent hip-hop artist. This video was meant to be fun, sexy, and colorful instead of dark and menacing.

The most challenging sequence was with Warchyld performing while Nerf balls are flying by his head. We had several people firing their Nerf guns to the left and right of Warchyld in order to create a sense of depth and volume, but we had issues with the weapons malfunctioning due to the new ammo type we were loading into the weapons.