GREATS | The Roster – Shane Fonner, Creative Director of Palmiers du Mal

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This is the third video from the series we shot for Greats Brand highlighting upcoming artists and veteran industry professionals. We filmed six interviews in one day, including b-roll coverage. All footage was shot on the Arri Alexa Mini in black and white. Still photography in the blog entry was shot by Charlie Wang.

Shane Fonner is a designer, traveler, and creative director of Palmiers du Mal, a luxury line of menswear that emphasizes on comfort. He was one of our final interviews; while in midst of the day’s downpour, he was as bright and cheerful as the sun.

When Shane mentioned he wanted to be comfortable all the time in his clothes, we had to show it visually. Take after take we filmed Shane tugging on his cardigan, in order to get that perfect moment where the fabric ripples downward in slow motion. He was a good sport while the cardigan flew over his head multiple times, and eventually was able to execute the movement with grace.

We were also asked us to get a few product shots of Shane’s slides that he designed with Greats. While seemingly innocuous, product shots can be technically demanding as the products are inanimate objects that the camera must come to life through set design and lighting. With some ingenuity we created a product shot that was evocative of the luxury traveler.

Text from Shane’s blog entry:

“For the third edition of The Roster, we sat down with Shane Fonner, visionary designer and the Creative Director of Palmiers du Mal, whose boundary-pushing garments (cashmere joggers; luxury bathrobes) continue to redefine what it means to provide luxury to the modern man.”

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