Uncharted Discoveries | Presented by Land Rover | T Brand Studio | Fake Love | NYT | Virtual Reality Video

Project Info

Client Land Rover, T Brand Studio, Fake Love, NYT

Project Description

Uncharted Discoveries is a virtual reality video that was produced by T Brand Studio, and sponsored by Land Rover. We provided VR technicians and special VR camera equipment on this production. This video features Josh Gates, host of Travel Channel’s Expedition Unknown, as he explores early communities in Glen Canyon, Arizona.

As clients learn the true immersive power of VR, we are able to do new and exciting things with the technology. One of the more challenging shots was having the camera in the Land Rover. This seems simple enough, but while the vehicle moves we had to match multiple plates with a parallaxing background. The finished shot is seamless as we don’t see any lines between the stitched plates, creating an image that allows viewers to experience the journey rather than merely observe it.