Viva Africa | The Truth Urban Theater Group

Project Info

Client The Truth Urban Theater Group

Project Description

This minute long commercial spot is for The Truth Urban Theater Group’s play “Viva Africa.” The off-Broadway show wanted an exciting, kinetic video that simultaneously captures the colorful & vibrant show while previewing some of the play’s narrative. We also provided a 30 second cutdown version of the trailer, which is currently on a four week run in select movie theaters. This project was shot in one evening on the Arri Alexa Mini.

Excerpt from The Truth UTG’s site: “We all wait to thrive. We’re filled with visions of a different reality longing to be acknowledged. Viva Africa was crafted to delve into what happens when we allow ourselves to surrender to the force that is buried in the pit of our souls. This force guides us to our purpose. It beckons when ignored, and strengthens when opposed. In Viva Africa, the commanding sound of the clave pulls Maria and Robert together while also pulling the community into a new reality that serves the greater good. With salsa, hip-hop, spoken word, and singing, Viva Africa will not only entertain you, but it will force you to ask yourself questions: What captivates my soul? Where is it leading me? Why am I waiting?”